Westwood Got A Good Start In The U.S. Open

Westwood in the U.S. Open made an enthusiastic and encouraging start in his bid to follow the steps of victory of Garcia’s Masters with his own breakthrough.

Westwood went into early contention at Erin Hills with his 3-under-par. He was four shots behind from Rickie Fowler and among the morning wave tied for sixth.

“In the U.S. Open, It is a good start. I hit the ball really well and not just that, but I hit it close a few times and also put it well. This is good; a good start like this in any event gives the motivation and makes the player ready to face different challenges. It is good for the opponent as well, as they got to know about the capabilities of the player.”

Westwood hit all but two greens in regulation and all but two fairways Thursday. Presently, he a double bogey and five birdies and on his first nine. (more…)

Phil Mickelson Begin Greenbrier Renovation

Phil Mickelson is busy these days looking at the damage of Greenbrier golf course.

He has taken the responsibility of renovating this golf course. Mickelson recently visited the site with his team and closely monitored the course. The course got damaged due to flood incident.

Mickelson spent two days in examining the place with his team that will design this place along with greenbrier resort owner Jim Justice. Greenbrier course is the part of the resort.

Speaking about the renovation work with Phil Mickelson said “Intension behind close monitor of place is to understand the true architect of place. The course will be designed keeping the facts in mind” Speaking about Seth Raynor’s work, he further added “I like the work done by Seth Raynor. I am a big fan of him. In the renovation process, the actual design of the course will remain almost same. However, some changes will be done keeping the future generation in mind. The course has been the place of many world class events and in the memories of many golfers. Renovation of course will not only bring back the greenbrier course back into form but also it will help people of nearby area to come back from devastating flood” he added. (more…)

Mickelson gives Watson a hard time on the press meet

Phil Mickelson has said that the US team is not doing the same as Paul Azinger’s team, the only American team to have won the Ryder Cup since 1999. Mickelson said that he was only thinking of what brought them the success in 2008 and he thinks that going back to that formula might bring them success.

While Mickelson was speaking, Watson, the captain was sitting six seats apart from him and none of the team members tried to defend him. Captain Watson did not include any team member into his decisions; his authoritarian decision making was unlike that of Azinger.

Mickelson doesn’t think that his words were solely meant to disregard the leadership of the team, he further added that his opinions go back to a time when America’s golfing was at its peak, so if he is asked what is to be done to restore American golfing to its former glory he will definitely say what he has said.

Watson said that, regarding being the captain of the team, his philosophical standpoint was different. He further said that for winning, 12 players, instead of pods are required. He said that he talked to the players and his vice captains did play a major role in decisions made regarding pairing. He said that his philosophy was different from that of pauls and he chose not to follow that.

He also said that those who had the chances of becoming a team were kept together whereas some were swapped according to their performance.

And regarding what Mickelson has said about him, the captain said that it was OK and he further added that he acknowledges that there is a difference of opinion between them regarding team management.

The captain said that Azinger’s formula was not as a whole discarded by him, he was just trying to find out who performed best, he also said that the wild card picking and pairing was one of the toughest and most important jobs that he had to do.

Focus on Phil Mickelson

One of the most revered and respected golfers in the world, Phil Mickelson has been the flag bearer for American golf for many years now along with former world number one Tiger Woods, and is one of the most well known golfers in the world. Having won four major championships in golf till date as well as 41 other titles on the US PGA Tour, he is also among the most successful golfers in the world at this moment. Mickelson has reached a career high ranking of world number two on several occasions but never managed to scale the summit.

Known as ‘Lefty’ to his fellow golfers and golfing fans, his style is extremely unique and quite unorthodox, much of which has been attributed to having just one coach in his entire career in the form of his father Phil Sr. Although he is otherwise right handed, Phil Mickelson plays golf with his left and that is one of his most unique traits and according to many golf analysts, his left handed style has given him a slight advantage on certain shots and drives over the right handed golfers on many occasions.

Born in 1970, Mickelson turned professional after just graduating from college in 1992 and was soon given a membership of the US PGA Tour and since then, he has been an ever present figure on the PGA Tour since then. The best years of his career came between 2004 and 2006 when he won three major championships – the US Masters in 2004 and 2006 and the PGA Championship in 2005.

Phil Mickelson has won another US Masters title in 2010 and he will return to the Augusta National circuit once again as he attempts to secure his fourth title at the event when the event tees off in April.


It has been a very long time since Phil Mickelson mounted a serious challenge for the top spot in the world golf ratings but with the current rich vein of form that the former world number two is going through, it seems likely that he will give the young guns in the form of Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood and Luke Donald a run for their money to stake his claim at the top spot, a position that many people think rightfully belongs to him in the absence of a certain Tiger Woods.

So what is the secret behind the resurgence of a once mighty golfer who many had thought had gone into the wilderness and had no hope whatsoever of coming back to the top of the mix? According to the player himself, it is the rediscovering of his touch that has added much more self confidence in the play of Phil Mickelson and this has been evident in the last few tournaments that he took part in. he even won the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am title back in February and this win has instilled much more self-belief in the player.

Although he has never managed to reach the top of the pile in the golf rankings, having been the second best player on numerous occasions, many people believe that now is the time when he finally becomes the world number one with his rich vein of form and experience giving him slight edge over the much younger opponents that he faces day in day out at the moment.

But the question is whether he would do himself justice by scaling the world rankings when The Tiger is not around and according to people close to him, Phil Mickelson wants to be the top player in the world beating Tiger Woods and no one else.


Graeme McDowell and Phil Mickelson are two of the top golfers who will be a part of the biggest golfing tournaments, the six million dollar Barclays Singapore Open.

The North Irish and American stars are not the only two big names in the six million dollar Barclays Singapore Open. They’ll be playing against the likes of other Major winners like South Korea’s Y.E. Yang and the Irish man, Padraig Harrington. Colombian golfer Camilo Villegas and also Anthony Kim are two golfers who are making their debut appearances in Singapore.

This Singapore National Open is quite an old tournament now and the winner of the tournament is guaranteed to take home more than one million dollars. Almost two hundred players will be facing one another on the two courses, namely the Tanjong and the Serapong of this Singapore Open.