Phil Mickelson Begin Greenbrier Renovation

Phil Mickelson is busy these days looking at the damage of Greenbrier golf course.

He has taken the responsibility of renovating this golf course. Mickelson recently visited the site with his team and closely monitored the course. The course got damaged due to flood incident.

Mickelson spent two days in examining the place with his team that will design this place along with greenbrier resort owner Jim Justice. Greenbrier course is the part of the resort.

Speaking about the renovation work with Phil Mickelson said “Intension behind close monitor of place is to understand the true architect of place. The course will be designed keeping the facts in mind” Speaking about Seth Raynor’s work, he further added “I like the work done by Seth Raynor. I am a big fan of him. In the renovation process, the actual design of the course will remain almost same. However, some changes will be done keeping the future generation in mind. The course has been the place of many world class events and in the memories of many golfers. Renovation of course will not only bring back the greenbrier course back into form but also it will help people of nearby area to come back from devastating flood” he added.

According to sources, eight holes will be modified during renovation work while 10 new holes will be reconstructed to look at various possibilities and needs of future golf players. These holes will be constructed in old forest areas and other locations.

The renovation process of greenbrier course will start in the month of January 2017 and it is expected to end by November 2017. The ground will re-open for tournaments and playing during spring of the year 2018. By this time, the golf course will get back its glory.

Recently, Mickelson was named as PGA Tour Ambassador Greenbrier Resort.