Phil Mickelson At The Masters

Phil Mickelson is 46 years of age, definitely finds it a grueling task keeping up at the ongoing tournaments that he participates in.

He still seems willing to put in the extra effort and hard work required to keep his chances open for the Masters. Of course, after Jack, he would not be the first player to achieve it. Mickelson has had some notable moments on the course such as sending his caddie to tend to a flagstick. This was for a wedge shot of 61 yards.

Leaving such quirky moments aside, the vintage moment for him came on Friday when he was playing the second round. This was the 81st Masters when his second shot was for the 13th hole to be shot at par 5. He realized that his chances would improve if Jim got the stick removed.

Mickelson jarred it well with a spinning shot that landed beyond the hole. He then made his way through the green in order to try a birdie as his wife and three children looked on. His wife was slightly nervous for him as she looked on from the grandstand located by the 14th tee. When Amy found that the ball had caught the cup by the left edge, she was happy for her husband. That was how it felt when his family and fans were watching Mickelson play golf. There were spills and thrills await every corner. Having been a three time winner of the Masters, Mickelson is definitely on an uphill climb with every year he competes. He ended up behind a quartet of players and feels that he could have done better. Anyway, he was bushed by the end of the playing day on Friday. Indeed, simply staying put in the game and putting in the hard work makes the journey a long one for players like Mickelson.