Paul Casey Hopeful About Playing At Ryder Cup 2015

Paul Casey is hopeful to play at the upcoming Ryder Cup this year and he is quite desperate in his current mission.

However, he has not earned the qualifying points to take part in the prestigious championship & he has faint possibilities to rejoin European Tour timely that further lessens his chances to qualify.

Just the Tour members are allowed to play at Ryder Cup & Paul has already given up his membership 4 months back as he wanted to concentrate on PGA Tour with the bid to secure a berth with world top 50.

This move has forced the erstwhile # 3 to lose out on play-off in Northern Trust Open & he finished joint 3rd at Honda Classic that pushed his rank to 44.

However, even in case he rejoins European Tour prior to 1sr May deadline for the needed Ryder Cup eligibility, he would have to struggle to take part in 13 events necessary for membership. Ryder Cup would start at August this year.

“It was kind of straightforward while I was one among top ten playing both the tours”, stated Casey prior to his 1st appearance in Masters since 2012.

“Now, I am back within top 50 yet I am just back into top 50”, he stressed.

“It was quite a tough decision yet was the right decision as well. I would still need to take part in as many as 13 events & at present I am neither in HSBC Champions or US Open. Playing at 13 events gets tough when you have not played from the beginning of year in the Middle East.”

“I desperately wished to take part in Ryder Cup once again. There’s certainly passion & fire burning there”, he added in.

Casey has played at Ryder Cup 2004, 2006 & 2008.