It’s quite unheard of for a golf tournament to become one of the major events in December.

However, the only reason why this has been made possible is because of the return of Tiger Woods to competitive action.

Woods had been out of action for about 15 months, but his recent return to the game has made interest in the game, especially the Hero World Challenge soar.

No one could achieve that feat, not Jordan Spieth, who is also competing in the Hero World Challenge, or Phil Mickelson or Rory McIlroy. He has been able to capture the imagination of both golf and non-golf fans as well.

Since the August of 2015, Woods had been out of action, due to a number of back operations that threatened to put an end to his great career.

What everyone now looks forward to, is to see if Woods who has so far racked up 14 majors will make a brilliant return, or if that Woods is gone forever.

Almost 41 years old, Woods has still four majors to go, before he can equal the record set by Jack Nicklaus, which he (Woods) had been expected to reach and even zoom past.

It just almost looks like the scenario of Muhammad Ali, who after a comeback, had been expected to make a great finish to his career. A younger Larry Holmes made him look old and washed out.

And despite hanging around for some more time. It only got worse and he was forced to call it quits. Hopefully, it will not be the same for Woods as he may call it quits as soon as he finds out that he can no longer compete effectively.

However, Friday showed that Tiger still had a lot left in him as he posted a second round 65.