Golfer Aces Hole Even After A Heart Attack

There are many who go through lengths to get incredible achievements on the golf course.

Dan Lennon experienced something similar when he suffered a heart attack while playing on the seventeenth hole at Rockville Links Club. Being a resident of Rockville center based on Long Island, Dan Lennon suffered a heart attack and it was a grim situation as no one could give him CPR at the time he collapsed. It seemed that he was dead as there was no breathing and no heartbeat. McWalters was close by who was also playing on the same course and luckily, as McWalters had been trained in cardiac resuscitation, he was able to help as well as his caddie who ran for a defibrillator at the right time.

The actions that they took resulted in Lennon are gaining back his life at 66 years of age. Though that itself was a miracle, Lennon was not only fit and able to play in a year, but he also scored an ace at the 17th hole, the very hole where he had faced a near death situation. Lennon also had Flynn as his caddie, the one who had a hand in saving his life.

Lennon told the media that there were a lot of coincidences that happened which led to this achievement and it was probably because the Gods were smiling down upon him. He had to get back and win that hole and having achieved that, he feels good about it. Indeed, for those who are into golf in their advanced years, this story should act as inspiration for them. Even if health setbacks come by, it should not be any reason for one to give up. As Lennon did, you can get back on your feet again and keep doing what you love.