Golfer Aces Hole Even After A Heart Attack

There are many who go through lengths to get incredible achievements on the golf course.

Dan Lennon experienced something similar when he suffered a heart attack while playing on the seventeenth hole at Rockville Links Club. Being a resident of Rockville center based on Long Island, Dan Lennon suffered a heart attack and it was a grim situation as no one could give him CPR at the time he collapsed. It seemed that he was dead as there was no breathing and no heartbeat. McWalters was close by who was also playing on the same course and luckily, as McWalters had been trained in cardiac resuscitation, he was able to help as well as his caddie who ran for a defibrillator at the right time.

The actions that they took resulted in Lennon are gaining back his life at 66 years of age. Though that itself was a miracle, Lennon was not only fit and able to play in a year, but he also scored an ace at the 17th hole, the very hole where he had faced a near death situation. Lennon also had Flynn as his caddie, the one who had a hand in saving his life. (more…)

Westwood Got A Good Start In The U.S. Open

Westwood in the U.S. Open made an enthusiastic and encouraging start in his bid to follow the steps of victory of Garcia’s Masters with his own breakthrough.

Westwood went into early contention at Erin Hills with his 3-under-par. He was four shots behind from Rickie Fowler and among the morning wave tied for sixth.

“In the U.S. Open, It is a good start. I hit the ball really well and not just that, but I hit it close a few times and also put it well. This is good; a good start like this in any event gives the motivation and makes the player ready to face different challenges. It is good for the opponent as well, as they got to know about the capabilities of the player.”

Westwood hit all but two greens in regulation and all but two fairways Thursday. Presently, he a double bogey and five birdies and on his first nine. (more…)

Phil Mickelson At The Masters

Phil Mickelson is 46 years of age, definitely finds it a grueling task keeping up at the ongoing tournaments that he participates in.

He still seems willing to put in the extra effort and hard work required to keep his chances open for the Masters. Of course, after Jack, he would not be the first player to achieve it. Mickelson has had some notable moments on the course such as sending his caddie to tend to a flagstick. This was for a wedge shot of 61 yards.

Leaving such quirky moments aside, the vintage moment for him came on Friday when he was playing the second round. This was the 81st Masters when his second shot was for the 13th hole to be shot at par 5. He realized that his chances would improve if Jim got the stick removed. (more…)


It’s quite unheard of for a golf tournament to become one of the major events in December.

However, the only reason why this has been made possible is because of the return of Tiger Woods to competitive action.

Woods had been out of action for about 15 months, but his recent return to the game has made interest in the game, especially the Hero World Challenge soar.

No one could achieve that feat, not Jordan Spieth, who is also competing in the Hero World Challenge, or Phil Mickelson or Rory McIlroy. He has been able to capture the imagination of both golf and non-golf fans as well.

Since the August of 2015, Woods had been out of action, due to a number of back operations that threatened to put an end to his great career.

What everyone now looks forward to, is to see if Woods who has so far racked up 14 majors will make a brilliant return, or if that Woods is gone forever. (more…)

Phil Mickelson Begin Greenbrier Renovation

Phil Mickelson is busy these days looking at the damage of Greenbrier golf course.

He has taken the responsibility of renovating this golf course. Mickelson recently visited the site with his team and closely monitored the course. The course got damaged due to flood incident.

Mickelson spent two days in examining the place with his team that will design this place along with greenbrier resort owner Jim Justice. Greenbrier course is the part of the resort.

Speaking about the renovation work with Phil Mickelson said “Intension behind close monitor of place is to understand the true architect of place. The course will be designed keeping the facts in mind” Speaking about Seth Raynor’s work, he further added “I like the work done by Seth Raynor. I am a big fan of him. In the renovation process, the actual design of the course will remain almost same. However, some changes will be done keeping the future generation in mind. The course has been the place of many world class events and in the memories of many golfers. Renovation of course will not only bring back the greenbrier course back into form but also it will help people of nearby area to come back from devastating flood” he added. (more…)

Casey’s Preference Is Country First

Paul Casey has said that he would love to play for his country Great Britain at every opportunity that comes his way than taking part in other major golfing events.

Casey had huge hopes of playing for the Great Britain side at the Rio Olympics that is hosting the golf as a sports discipline after more than 100 years. Casey has lost out to the likes of Justin Rise and Danny Willett, who made the cut to the Great Britain’s team for the Olympics.

Paul Casey is not deterred by the fact that he did not get a chance to show his mettle for Great Britain at the Olympics. He said that he will always give preference to playing for the country first than in any other cash rich tournaments. He had earlier said that he would forgo playing for Europe in the Ryder Cup team to get a chance to play in the GB Olympics team. (more…)