Casey’s Preference Is Country First

Paul Casey has said that he would love to play for his country Great Britain at every opportunity that comes his way than taking part in other major golfing events.

Casey had huge hopes of playing for the Great Britain side at the Rio Olympics that is hosting the golf as a sports discipline after more than 100 years. Casey has lost out to the likes of Justin Rise and Danny Willett, who made the cut to the Great Britain’s team for the Olympics.

Paul Casey is not deterred by the fact that he did not get a chance to show his mettle for Great Britain at the Olympics. He said that he will always give preference to playing for the country first than in any other cash rich tournaments. He had earlier said that he would forgo playing for Europe in the Ryder Cup team to get a chance to play in the GB Olympics team.

Casey tried his best to make the cut ahead of favorite Rose and Willett. It is his ranking that has let him down and the other two got the nod. Jason said that the legitimacy of golf being an Olympic event is questioned by a lot of people. But, he does not care about all this and wants to be there to soak in the Olympic spirit and the atmosphere. All Casey wants is to be involved in the country team and to get a chance to play for and represent is country.

Casey said that he is not that interested in making the cut for the Ryder Cup team of Europe that will play against the US Ryder Cup team in September. He is interested in playing on the PGA tour and playing some of the best golf rounds and then gets home to spend some time with his family every week.